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Why choose us

Professional strength recognized by MIIT

Professional strength recognized by MIIT

CANSINGA is a strong industrial base demonstration enterprise of the ministry of MIIT.
R&D  team with doctor as the core

R&D team with doctor as the core

It is composed of three experts, including 3 professors, 4 doctors and 20 masters.
Globally recognized qualification

Globally recognized qualification

ISO9001, eu EN15085, German DIN6701 certification CRRC supplier qualification.
Professional sale service

Professional sale service

CANSINGA is a provider of security and lightweight solutions.



about us

Shenzhen Cansinga Technology Co.,Ltd, located in Shenzhen China,and abutted Hong Kong, is a national high-tech enterprise concentrated on safety and lightweight technology, with a proportion of 50% R&D staff. ISO9001 quality management system is fully implemented inside the company to intensify process quality control. Cansinga has not only successfully provided products and solutions for the rail vehicle like High Speed Rail, EMU, Metro, and Tramcar etc., but also cooperated with the clients in Military vessel and Aerospace field, dedicating to become an expert enterprise in passive safety protection field, and to provide clients with the most professional passive saf...